Unfinished Business

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While some are suffering post-WCA hangovers, others are wondering who would have been the winner of the Intercontinental Cup had the organisers finished all the games? With Division 1 game schedules running overtime and VIP's and ex Prime Ministers arriving for the WCA dinner, organisers decided to cancel the completion of Intercontintal Cup games with only the semi-final between Impact and Dynasty completed and Infernal and Infamous yet to play. Fans had waited patiently to see an Asian team take on the Pros and given Infernal's WCA form, they could have caused an upset. On Day 1 Infernal took 2 points against Impact (losing 2-4) and having already dominated in Division 1, it would have been interesting to see if they had the firepower to take down Infamous in the semi-finals. Unfortunately Infernal never went head-to-head against Dynasty or Infamous in the prelim rounds so we can only guess what may have happened. It's unfortunate that the VIP's couldn't be asked to wait a little longer so that the games could be completed.

Other standard WCA rumblings on social media were complaints about the lack of lighting on the lower divisional fields, which was a major complaint from players at WCA 2011. Let's just say this is one of the only dim lights on what was another spectacular event for paintball in Asia. Hopefully organisers can address the lighting issue once and for all in 2013.