New CAP 3 Tournament Concept


Another product freshly baked from Werdna Hol Sportz & Werd Training Facility for the 2013 season! After much feedback and complains from players, we’ve decided to come up with a new twist of paintball tournament for everyone! Introducing you, the :

CAP3 “Practice Tournament”

With real marshals and lower paint prices to, again, HELP paintballers with their addiction for the sports we all love! CAP3 limits all player’s pods down to 3, which in return slows down their expenses! Our thinking of “Spray & Pray” will soon be eliminated! Players will improve (in time to come) making them faster and more aggressive in the field! Having this 5-man format with only 4-minutes gameplay will further minimize the paint consumption.

Recommended for teams with limited budgets and good for teams who wants to improve their attacking skills! Limited to a maximum of 6 games in the prelims. Not qualified teams will take it as a practice session instead! For those who qualified to the next round, you’ll be waiting for some free boxes at the next WPPL.

NICE TO KNOW facts about CAP3, read on!

(1) It will be hosted nationwide by all participating field operators. Right now it’s WTF – Werd Training Facility, Labuan (XtremeZone) and Sabah (Will be revealed). Perak, Melaka and Johor is in the works. Werdna Hol Sportz supports all fields, but they need to make sure their SAFETY is in tip-top condition, good infrastructure and also committed & passionate operators. The paintball calendar will be looked into as well, as we know it it’s already cramped up for 2013! We are still looking for capable operators to host this ‘beneficial’ tournament for all players around Malaysia, and the world! Why not?

(2)  CAP3 is designed to support field operators by putting them into the tournament map. With it’s ‘low cost’ strategic planning WITH LOW PAINT prices, you can be assured the SAFETY issues are not neglected! Not all operators hosting CAP3 or CAP2 will have the same rulings or practice. It is customized to their own ‘area’ or depending on the statistics. Not all hosting sites have the same infrastructures, each operators have their own pro & cons to deal with. The CAP3/CAP2 Rulebook remains the same for all to abide to, but issues like schedules and prizes are subject to hosting operator’s discretion.

(3) CAP3 is also considered a “Practice Tournament” as non-qualifiers will be playing a good 6 preliminary rounds only. We don’t want the players/teams to burnout more paint in the prelims. 5 preliminary rounds won’t be sufficient for your Reserves to play, so 6 rounds is just nice for all players to be rostered fairly. You may choose only 5 players in your roster, if you want to.

(4) 2 Divisions only :
CAP3 (Open Division) – Own Markers : No limitation on divisions/ranks. Even Division 4 or newbies can join in. A good mix from all ranks/divisions will be good for new teams or players. Skills and tips will be picked up faster, while spending lesser. We never believe in players burning out their paint throughout the years playing with teams within the same par. Teams actually spend more than learning more. Therefore, the CAP3 Open Division is totally recommended!
Scared to play with the better players or teams? Once you think such a way, you’ve already lost the battle…..without even putting up a fight! Play the CAP3 to prove your point!
CAP2 (Mechanical Division) House Markers : Info will be revealed soon enough. It MIGHT be mechanical markers or e-markers. So please stand-by. Applicable t0 Division 3 & 4 only. Division 3 teams that has been around for 2011 & 2012 are not allowed.
Newly upgraded Division 3 teams for 2013 are allowed.

(5) CAP3 & CAP2 uses Semi-Uncapped shooting mode. No Ramp or other modes. Practice your fast fingers! But plan on your paint usage! You’re not carrying 4-8 pods anymore! That’s where you learn about Paint Management.

(6) CAP3 is not equipped with Overall Champion, yet. At this moment, it’s just hosted to compliment upcoming WPPL tournaments.
Winners in CAP3 & CAP2 will be rewarded with boxes.

(7) CAP3 is only a 1-Day event. Which falls on Saturdays. If things go wrong, there’s always a Sunday to fall back on.
Example : Thunderstorm on Saturday, severe technical fault, insufficient time, unforeseen circumstances, etc.
If the response is good, there might be a Sunday included. So make sure you’re booked at both days instead.

(8) Registration Fees : “Normal Rate” MYR70.00 per player –  IF Payment is made within/before the Closing/Deadline Date.
Submission of forms are not accounted as “Registered Teams”. Only Full Payment are recognized.

“Late Comers” MYR80.00 per player. IF Payment is made after the Closing/Deadline Date.
(Normally on Monday onwards of the same week of the event.)
Submission of forms are not accounted as “Registered Teams”. Only Full Payment are recognized.

Too many teams registered and pulled out last minute with their roster planned & confirmed, that’s why this has to be implemented.

(9) ID Tags : MYR25.00 (WPPL,CAP3 and other tournaments are in discussion to use the same ID Tags.)

(10) Closing/Deadline Dates are normally the last Sunday before the event date.

(11) Paintball Boxes at MYR150.00/box (Tournament Grade)
Premium Grade pricing will be revealed.

(12) CAP3 & CAP2 Rulebook will be emailed to all Team Captain’s/Managers before every event. Please read it carefully and understand it before committing the tournament. Players have been warned since the existence of paintball tournaments in Malaysia. Are you one of them? Hope not.

(13)  The organizer reserves the rights to change/alter/modify the CAP3/CAP2 Rulebook without discretion. There will be updates posted though.

(14) Prizes structure will be posted out soon. So please keep checking with us on this page or at FB – Werdna Hol Sportz.

CAP3 Secretariat

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