CoA2 / Tactical Paintball Championship Series 3/11

The first of its kind, 2 major top quality woodsball tournaments fused into 1 wicked event! Clash of Aces 2 and Tactical Paintball Championship Series 3 in a single event which will be played at Flashpoint Paintball District Melaka. Don't get confused, everyone will only be playing a single tournament for 2 days from 22 October at 07:30 - 23 October at 17:30

All prelim games will be played on the 1st day. Quarter final games onward will be played on the 2nd day.

Details for the event, forms and rules egistration

Organized by Flashpoint Paintball District Melaka and Tactical Paintball Championship. Supported by Persatuan Paintball Melaka Tengah. Primarily sponsored by Dianara Matrix, Tactical Gear, DYE and Proto (more sponsorship deals hopefully).

Tactical Paintball Championship (TPC) game is a paintball sport, played by two opposing team with a maximum of 7 players each with 3 reserves, played on a Tactical Paintball Field set up according to TPC rules. Due to the nature of the game, the field layout will vary depending on the event venues.

Game Objective. The objective of the game is for each team to capture a centre Flag and to Hang the Flag on the Flag Receiving Station located near the opposing team’s Starting Base while eliminating the opposing team players within a 7 minute game time.

TPC Series. TPC Series are a series of Tournament Events to be held in no less than 4 times per annual season. The schedule and venues will be announced at the commencement of each season. The TPC Series champions, a.k.a Top Guns, will be determined from total points earned during the season.

Tournament News

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Naza - World Cup Asia 2013

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Woodsball News

Jan 30, 2013

UNKNOWN Win TPC Series 1

The Tactical Paintball Championship launched their 2013 Series at Cyberjaya Paintball Park near KL, Malaysia last weekend. Teams in 3 divisions, Gold, Silver and Maverick competed to get the first…
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Oct 11, 2012

TPC Final Leg / Season Results

PRESS RELEASE TPC season 2012 had just ended, congratulations to all winners, thank you to everyone who supported and believed in us. Despite the hiccups, we are fired up to perform better for 2013.…