Malaysia Woodsball Fest 2011

mwl_logoLooking for one more woodsball event this year? MWL invite you to the Malaysian Woodsball Fest 2011 - a "Prelude to MWL 2012" at Paintball Valley, Taman Botani Negara, Shah Alam, Malaysia on the 17/18 December 2011. The event features a BBQ on the 17th and games and launch by a Malaysian Minister on the 18th Dec. 2012

Dates for 2012 legs have been posted as follows:

MWL7.3 /1st League
(Central – 25th-26th Feb 2012)

MWL7.3 /2nd League
(Southern – 28th-29th April 2012)

MWL7.3 /3rd League
(East Coast – 30th June & 1st July 2012)

MWL7.3 /4th League
(Northern – 29th-30th Sept 2012)

MWL7.3 /5th Championship

(Central Date-TBA)

    If you don't know what MWL is all about read the rules here or visit

    MWL Rules

    MWL – Malaysia Woodsball League v7.3

    1.1 Game time

    * Game time will be limited to Ten (10) minutes
    * Insert player (Joker) will have one (1) minute to insert into the game one (1) minute after the game starts

    1.2 Number of Players

    * Any reference within these rules to seven (7) players shall be changed to ten (10) players for the v7.3 format.

    1.3 Roster

    * Tournament Roster will be limited to a maximum of thirteen (13) players, three (3) of which are reserve players. Seasonal Roster will be limited to a maximum of twenty (20) players.

    1.4 Patches

    * Velcro Patches are allowed for players in v7.3.

    1.5 Layers and Padding

    * Camouflage is allowed and encouraged for v7.3

    1.6 Protective Padding Separate from Clothing

    * Paintball Vest that allow a player to carry pods are allowed, as long as the vests and pouches may not be constructed in such a manner that they constitute padding.
    * Vests from non-paintball manufacturers may be subject to inspection by organizer or marshals prior to games.

    1.7 Markers

    * Per Team markers are limited to a maximum of three (3) speedball markers which can be only used by insert players (jokers). Team can have between seven (7) to ten (10) tactical markers.

    1.7.1     Tactical Markers can be either mechanical or Electronic.

    1.7.2    Angel A:RK and MacDev Drone must have the Stock attached for them to be classified as a tactical marker.

    * Markers with electronic boards have to be capped to thirteen (13) Balls Per Second (BPS).
    * Speedball Markers are limited to Semi-Auto Mode Only.

    1.8 Grenades

    * All non-pyrotechnic, hand-thrown paint grenades are allowed, but must be declared to marshal’s before entering the field.
    * When a grenade is thrown, a marshal must be witness to the throw of the grenade or the grenade will be invalid.
    * A hit is declared either the player is marked with paint or within a five (5) foot radius of where the grenade landed.
    * Smoke grenades or flash bangs are not allowed to be used.

    1.9 Gameplay


    * Chronographing –  The Chrono-Ref shall chronograph each marker as it would be shot effectively on the game field at its maximum velocity. The Chrono-Ref will shoot a minimum of three (3) shots over the chronograph. Markers will pass inspection if no one shot is greater than three hundred (300) feet per second.
    * Once all markers have been chronographed they must stay within the chrono tent until the team is asked to enter the game field. If a marker is removed it is subject to being re-chronographed by the Chrono-Ref.

    1.10 Buzzer

    Any reference to Rule 16 Flag is replaced by the following rules.

    * Base Buzzer: When the opposing Base Buzzer is pressed game is over.
    o  If the team is in control of the center buzzer when they press the opposing Base Buzzer they will receive additional points for the center buzzer for the time remaining.

    * Center Buzzer: Teams must press the corresponding Buzzer to start the timer, it will also ignite the corresponding siren (light).
    o If the opposing team presses the Buzzer the timer will stop and the opposing teams timer will start and their siren will flash.
    o Center Buzzer can change hands multiple times, the score will be based on the total time on the teams timer.
    o If a player who deliberately plays on and presses the buzzer, time will be reset to zero (0) for that team and the player will be called out.
    o If a player is shot while pressing the buzzer but before the siren begins to flash, timer will be reset if it is the first press or control will be given back to the opposing team.

    1.11 Points

    * Base Buzzer     – Thirty (30) Points
    * Center Buzzer – Five (5) Points per minute or more than Thirty (30) seconds.
    * Players Alive   – Two (2) Points per player alive at the end of the game will be awarded.

    1.12 Field Dimensions.

    * Length: 250ft – 275ft
    * Width : 160ft – 180ft

    * Center buzzer must be placed in the middle between the two ends of the field. It has to be offset from the border of the field by a minimum of ten (10) feet, and a maximum of twenty five (25) feet.
    * Base Buzzer must be placed in the middle of the two sides of the field and must be ten (10) feet from the border of the field.
    * Starting Point is set up in the corner of the field opposite to where the center buzzer has been set-up.

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