Tactical Paintball Championship - Series 1 Results

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tpc_12_1TPC Series 1 2012 was played at Canyon Paintball Park in Malaysia. Prelim rounds saw JTF Alpha playing strongly finishing top of the rankings but they dropped 2 games in the quarter finals to miss out on a semi final place. Mud Raiders also had the same fate, being knocked out in the quarter finals after a strong result in the prelims.

Mud Legion 2.0, after a slow start in the prelims came back in the finals winnjing all their finals matches to take out the TPC Series 1 event over BGA.

Here are the final results for TPC Event 1

Champions: Mud Legion 2.0
2nd: BGA
3rd: Bochalanang
4th: Canyon Hurricane

Series No. will be on the 14 & 15 April, 2012 at Flashpoint Paintball Melaka