BT Big Game

feature-3On Saturday, August 8th 2009, BT held their first Global Paintball Game. The re-insert game was played all over the world from 10am till 4pm (in their respective time zones) with Red Rangers vs. Blue Battalion and the points from each of the selected fields were added up to the total to decide which side wins the global event. Scores from Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe were posted by the time the American games started (due to time zone differences). This meant that the U.S. teams had to battle it out for the deciding points that were to win or lose the global game.

BT had promoted this event with it's own dedicated website which featured the global fields involved and registration information. Unfortunately that was about as much information as they provided and it was up to players to contact fields to find out more about the day and the missions innvolved. What was impressive was the BT scoreboard which showed which teams won or lost their part of the global map and added score totals based on the various missions of the day.

The concept in theory is great - each field plays it's part in the global race for domination and a fun day out is had by all. I'm sure by next year BT will have improved on the event logistics and have even more fields and players involved. Numbers involved in the 2009 worldwide big game were announced at 10,000+ with the Red Rangers (25015 points) narrowly defeating the Blue Battalion (23970 points).


The 2010 BT Big Game is scheduled for August 7th, 2010. Be sure to sign up for the Newsletter to get advanced notice of the event details.

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