• Nemesis Remain Unbeaten at MPOC

    April 7 2013. MPOC Leg 2 was held at Xtion Paintball Field in Bukit Jalil, Malaysia last weekend with around 43 teams registered. Division 4 as usual had the most registered teams (21) with Division 1 with 5 teams, Division 2 with 8 teams and Division 3 with 11 teams. Read More
  • ZOO Win SPS 2013 Leg 1

    The Singapore Paintball Series (SPS) is the premier paintball league in Singapore, celebrating it’s 5th year of operations since launching local tournaments in 2008. This year the event was back at one of the more popular locations, East Coast Park by the beach on Singapore’s South Eastern coast. The recreational Read More
  • Beez Waxers Win First S7PL

    In 2013 the organisers of ISSC launched the Super 7 Paintball League which is a two leg 7-man series with the annual ISSC in December being the finale. The event features 4 divisions and some of the largest prize packages in the region.The Division 1 finals was a battle between Read More
  • DRX Win WPPL Leg 1

    The first WPPL event for the season was held at the Werd Training Facility, Puching, Malaysia over 2 weekends starting the March 2 and ending March 10, 2013. The first weekend featured Division 4 (v3.2) and Division 3 (V4.2) tournaments with Division 2 (5.2) and Division 1 (5.2) playing the Read More
  • Xtioneers Win PALS Thailand

    PALS Thailand 2013 has quickly become one of the most popular tournaments on the Asian circuit. In its 3rd year, the event featured 42 teams from over 10 countries including Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, USA, Iran, Vietnam, Russia, Malaysia, France and Singapore. US Pro players Jerry Devarieux, Oliver Lang, Bobby Aviles, Read More

WPPL Event 2 Results

wppl_2WPPL event 2 was completed last weekend when Divisions 1 & 2 had their chances to compete at the Malaysia Agro Exposition Park, Serdang Malaysia. Divisions 3 & 4 competed the weekend prior. Here are the final results of all divisions:

Division 1
Champions: DRX
2nd: 2AM
3rd: Disturbance
4th: Kacaworang

Division 2
Champions: Hammer V

2nd: Ultimate Reaperz
3rd: Lamposlunies
4th: Street Mobsters

Division 3
Champions: Armada

2nd: Spellbounders
3rd: Armada Warrior
4th: Evo-X

Division 4
Champions: X-Hoo

2nd: Titans
3rd: Semerak API
4th: Fraternity