Bonjour Monsieur Todo Boggy

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Benjamin Yaw aka Todo Boggy of Team Demonz Red and manager of Pro Paintball has just come back from playing the Intercontinental Cup in Paris, France. Team KL Demonz Red placed 4th in the Intercontinental Cup and Demonz Red came 2nd in Div 3. Ben took some time out from his busy paintball schedule to give us some insights into his paintball life and his experiences in Paris.

Q. Can you give us some background on how and when you got started in paintball, how your team started and how you got into the paintball business?

I guess I am no different from any other paintballers. I started playing paintball with a bunch of friends back in 2005. I'll get into details how I started. A group of friends that had played a few times asked me to play paintball with them but then I was too chicken to do it after seeing the bruises they got resulting from paintball. It was Joyce (my girlfriend) who convinced and sort of dragged me to play paintball. Well, I got stuck and we decided to form a team then called TEAM HOBBITS. We took part in our 1st tournament in Asia Cup 05 in division 3. We didn't do that well, missing the quarterfinals then. Some members dropped off after that we ended up insufficient players for the team. Eventually the team is dispersed and I guested for few teams in local tournaments in 2006 before joining Team Werdna Hol in 2007. I then joined Team Demonz Red in end 2007 till now.

I guess it was hobby turned into career. I was working for Hush Puppies then when Patrick asked me to manage Pro Paintball for him in Oct 2007. I jumped on the idea of turning hobby into career. That's how I got the job in Pro Paintball.

Q. Did you ever think way back when you started that you would end up playing against some of the best Pro teams and players in the world?

Nope....for sure I didn't thought of playing at this level now

Q. Todo Boggy? Who gave you your nickname and what does it mean?

Todo means Benjamin & Boggy means Yaw....thats my name Benjamin Yaw. When we started the team, TEAM HOBBITS, we found a website that generates names to Hobbits name.....Todo Boggy is Benjamin Yaw in Hobbits language.

Q. I know a lot of teams find it hard to motivate themselves to continue to practice and play competitive paintball. What motivates you?

I guess it's purely me. Its my character and attitude if I want to do something, I will do it all the way or else I don't even bother starting at all.

Q. You recently got back from Paris playing the Millennium series. Was the team nervous at all leading up to the event or just excited to be going to Paris and playing some great teams?

The team was excited to go Paris and took part in the Millennium and did not bear any hopes of winning. It was more like getting some experience and increase playing knowledge. Landing some trophies back was indeed a fantastic moment!!

Q. Your team got a 4th place in Intercontinental Cup and 2nd in Division 3 in Paris. What were your game highlights from the Millennium event?

4th in Intercontinental Cup was luck coz in the quarters, Bullets decided to pull out from ICC and decided to concentrate on the CPL due to players' injuries.
2nd in Activision Cup Div 3 was something we didn't expect and it was highlights? Hmmmmm.....i guess it should be the semi final game against The London Shock... they had 2 London Tigers players guesting for them but we managed to raise our game and beat them 2-0

Q. Having played this year in Paris and at the Palm Series Iran against many international teams, do you think there is any obvious differences in the way Asian teams play versus European/American teams?

There is a huge difference. First of all, the ROF (Rate of Fire) was toned down in the Millennium Rules (including the Palm Series) to 10bps. I actually enjoyed playing in Millennium Ramp capped at 10bps because as a spectator, you will definitely enjoyed the game better. With the lower ROF, players can make moves and the game is more attacking. Malaysian teams are still very far from the standards of European teams as they are physically fitter and faster than us. They mostly play fast games and seldom played defending games.

Q. Do you think that international paintball teams are now more aware of the standard of Asian paintball given your recent success?

- I hope so.

Q. How soon do you think it is before we see someone from Asia playing for a Pro Team?

In fact, if you notice closely there are Asian players playing for Pro Teams like "Prince" with Bushwhackers, Montressor with Philly Americans to name a few. But if you are talking about a Pro Team comes over to Asia and pick up a player.....I really do not know how to answer that. You never know the future.....

Q. Your team has been going through some changes recently. What have you got planned in terms of a team for upcoming tournaments?

Yes indeed there are changes in our team's roster. We are back in the stage of rebuilding the team with few inclusions of new players. Hopefully we don't take that long to be back on track ;) see us in World Cup Asia

Q. You play and work in the paintball industry now. Do you ever see yourself doing something not related to paintball.

Yeah...i still do fishing and play DOTA every now and then ;)


Well we certainly wish Ben and his paintball team all the best for the future. He's truly a great ambassador for Asian paintball and if anyone get's picked up to guest for a Pro Team, we hope it's Todo Boggy.