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navykim_02bAs part of a new series of player interviews, PaintballNews.Asia went in search of Asians playing abroad to give us some insights about playing on the other side of the globe. We came across Navy Kim via Catshack Reports and asked her if she’d like to answer some questions for us.

Name: Navy Kim
Age: It's not polite to ask a lady her age! :p
Location: Toronto, Ontario - Canada
Current Team/s: Montreal FX & Femmes Fatale
Past Team/s: Miss Stress Canada, Semper Fi

Q. Navy Kim. Ok I have to ask about your name - is there any interesting story behind the name 'Navy'?
It's a long story... but to make a long story short, I was actually ‘re-named’ multiple times. Shortly after birth, I fell really ill and my mother said she called on the monks to "re-name" me to chase the evil away. A couple of years later, my family immigrated to Canada and my dad decided to give me yet a new name... my then given name was never pronounced correctly from which "Navy" was born.

Q. You're of Asian decent - which part of Asia?
I was born in Thailand although I am a mix of Cambodian, Laos and Thai.

Q. How long have you been playing paintball and how did you get started?
I've been playing competitive speedball for about 3 years now. I started (as most have) by playing woodsball/recball with a group of co-workers. To be honest, I was absolutely petrified the first time I played. It felt like I was in a war. I was appointed to guard the back field while the guys made their move up to enemy lines and soon enough I was left alone to fend for myself. I was so scared I called myself out so I could go back to base camp... lol. So, I went back a few years later with some friends and I knew I was hooked when we played a game of hyper ball. This was nothing like playing in the bushes. The rush was that much more intense and I just had an amazing time.

Q. Have you always been into sports? Do you play any other sport?
I like to snowboard in the winter but with paintball taking so much of my time and money; it's hard to find a good weekend to keep aside to do other things. In the summer, I also like camping, fishing or renting a cottage by a lake with a group of friends to enjoy a long weekend away from the city.

Q. When did you decide to get more serious about paintball?
I was watching a DerDer video and saw a short clip on Femmes Fatale*. I remember telling my boyfriend that one day, I would be playing on that team. A couple of years after, I met the Femmes Fatale's coach at a local field who told me he was interested in seeing me play and possibly call me out for a tryout. I wasn't sure if he was kidding but from that moment on, I started playing tournaments with my boyfriend's team to gain some experience and that following winter, Marc invited me to play with his local team - Miss Stress Canada. We played an entire season of Xball, winning second place having been squeezed out of first place by a hair.

Q. What do your girlfriends think of you playing paintball?
I don't have many girlfriends to tell you the truth but the women/girls in my life are shocked when I tell them that I play paintball. Apparently, I don't fit the profile and they can't picture me playing such a hardcore sport. I guess I always have the welts to prove that I do play.

Q. What marker are you currently shooting?

My very first marker was a JT Excellerator 6.0. I've since had an Ion, a Smart Part Epiphany and a Dangerous Power G3. I now shoot a Planet Eclipse EGO 7 and absolutely love it!
Q. What position do you normally play?
I'm a front player and I like playing on the "D" side.

Q. What's your usual training schedule like for paintball?
I try to play at least once a month in the winter. I usually have some sort of tournament once a month anyways. It's a little harder in the winter here in Canada since indoor paintball facilities aren't very large, far and few and very expensive unless it's BYOP (Bring Your Own Paint). Starting in the Spring, I play almost every weekend.

Q. What's the paintball scene like in Toronto and Canada in general?
I can only relate to the Toronto scene in general since I'm not familiar with what other provinces do in terms of tournaments or their community base. I find that in Ontario, the CXBL is what a lot of younger speedball players aspire to play. After playing a few local tournaments, teams quickly find that there isn't much more room to advance unless they are willing to travel south to the USA to play in National events like PSP and the NPPL.

Q. You played with the Femmes Fatale at last year's PSP World Cup in Div 2. How did that opportunity come about?
I guess I had proved my worth with Marc having played a season of Xball for him with Miss Stress Canada.

Q. Can you tell us a little about your experience playing with Femmes Fatale and what it was like to play at the PSP World Cup?
Playing with Femmes Fatale was like a dream come true. Something I told myself I would be part of years ago and it came true. It wasn't so much as playing with a Pro team or playing with the best in the game but having the chance of saying, I was there... with Femmes Fatale. Although it is difficult to just jump on the field with players you've never played with before, not knowing their style of play or adjusting to their game but it was quite the experience. I think we could have done much better had we had a chance to practice as a team prior to the event but I still got to meet Misty and Monica who are just awesome! We had so much support from friends and the crowd that it made the experience that much more incredible and unforgettable.
Q. Are you planning to play with Femmes Fatale again this year?
As far as I know, we'll be playing the World Cup again.

Q. Your local team has been testing out a new game style called Gridfighters. Can you tell us a bit more about this concept?
I'll try to explain it as best as I can since it's still very new and still a new concept but in a nutshell, GridFighters is a new format involving a mix of Xball and Speedball adding goals/targets to shoot out. In my opinion, the format itself is physically more demanding than regular Xball. It requires a different kind of athlete who can keep pushing the grid for an entire 20 minute match.

GridFighters consists of 4 quarters of 5 minutes of non-stop play where 2 teams of 5 players are trying to control the "grid" and gain field position in order to eliminate goals that are strategically positioned on the opposite end of the field. The goals can only be hit from certain key bunkers. Once a player is eliminated another player immediately jumps in to constantly maintain 5 players on the field at all time during the quarter. A roster of 10 players per team ensures a continual rotation of players during play. What is also needed is an extremely efficient pit crews to make sure players are always ready to jump back on.

This format is by far the most exciting format I've ever had the opportunity to play and the adrenaline rush is compared to none!

Q. As a player what goals have you set yourself this year?
I'm hoping Femmes Fatale can advance past the prelims at World Cup this year.

Q. What would you say to any female who is thinking about taking up paintball as a sport?
I would say to any girl who wants to get serious in this sport to play because they enjoy playing. Do your best out there, don't use your gender as a crutch and be fearless.

Q. Most memorable paintball moment so far?
Playing World Cup with Femmes Fatale... Not many people in this world can say they've realized their dream, but I did. :)
tippmann fx
Q. If you weren't playing paintball what do you think you'd be doing now?

Well, paintball being so expensive, I probably would have a lot more money to travel. I definitely would have done more snowboarding in the winter and more fishing and camping in the summer.

Well there you have it. Thanks to Navy for her time and help - much appreciated. We'll be keeping in touch with Navy to see how her 2010 season goes - we wish her all the best. Stay tuned for more interviews with Asian paintballers from abroad... maybe even some Pros...

*Femmes Fatale: One of the original all-female tournament teams to form in the early days of tournament paintball (the first being Iron Maidens), Femme Fatale has featured some of the best women paintballers in history including Keely Watson, Misty Silva and Lisa Harvey. In paintball's golden years, Femme Fatale players were featured in Maxim, on TV and Lisa Harvey even found herself as a character in the paintball console game Greg Hastings Tournament Paintball Max'd 2005.

OneElevenPhotos by Nick Martin. All other images courtesy of Navy Kim and friends.

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