The Rising Son

Ryosuke Banno - Asia's frequent flyer!

One of the rising stars of Asian paintball, Ryosuke Banno from Japan has been quietly clocking up more frequent flyer points playing paintball than most of us can ever dream of.

banno_01Ryosuke Banno is Captain and team owner of team KU from Japan. Over the past decade he has helped develop paintball in Japan, from opening his own field back in 2003 to moulding a group of enthusiastic Japanese paintballers into one of the most competitive teams in the region. Team KU's playing stats date back as far as 2002, in 2005 they were bold enough to make the trip to the US to play at the PSP World Cup and today they continue to compete at both local and international tournaments. In 2010 he divides his time between running a paintball field/business and playing for team KU in Japan and at international events and playing for the Delta Rovers in Malaysia. His field is also the home field to up-and-coming teams from Japan like Nitamago (World Cup Asia D3, 4th place) and Ryu.

We managed to catch up with Ryosuke Banno in between international flights and tournaments to ask him a few quick questions about his paintball life so far:

Q. What position to you generally play?

Everywhere but especially Snake front

Q. Current Sponsors
Dye precision Inc. Rockstar energy drink, KCHL and Samurai Paintball

Q. International Teams you have player for?
Team Delta Rovers from Malaysia at MY-NPL, ISSC and MSL and Team S.W.A.T from Australia at the Super 7's

Q. When did you start playing paintball?

In 2001.

Q. What was the attraction to paintball that made you want to keep playing?
I love the aspect of shooting the same people over and over and that it's a sport.

Q. Your team has travelled to the US to play the PSP events like World Cup in 2005. Was this a dream come true for you and the team?
Yes but getting our butts kicked was not.


Q. Does the team have plans to travel outside of Asia to play in 2011?

We`d like to but it`s still to be decided.

Q. Aside from playing, what other involvement in paintball do you have?

I own a paintball field and I`m a paintball manufactorer/distributor.

Q. What is the name of your paintball field?
Paintball field Kuwana and Paintball field TSUGAIKE

Q. What is the name of your paintball company and what do you manufacture/distribute?

Banno corporation. Paintballs and Paintball markers.

Q. How many tournaments do you personally play a year?
This year... 5 MY-NPL, ISSC, MSL, 3 Taiwan events and 2 PALS events. Total 12 events.


Q. Is tournament paintball growing as a sport in Japan? Why/Why not?

Yes, as paintball becomes more well known through advertising and/or word of mouth, some customers get hooked and proceed to the next level.

Q. What advice do you have for players just starting paintball?
Make sure you have fun and don`t take it too seriously. Enjoy the sport with your friends and other paintball people.

Q. If you had not started playing paintball, what would you be doing now?

I'd probably still be skiing competitively.

PaintballNews.Asia would like to thank Ryosuke Banno for his time. Look out for him at your next tournament!

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